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Our Mission

To uphold The Indian Chartered Accountancy Profession in Kuwait as trustee of high quality, financial competency, managing business risks, corporate governance, assurance and audit competency and business competitiveness in fast changing business world.

Our Vision

To assist our parent body to fulfill its functions and obligations in respect of its members in Kuwait.
To provide value-added programs to members through which they can obtain their required Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours.
To provide information to our members to understand the changes in the Economy/Business Environment, business and organization structures, developments in Information Technology and Telecommunication, new Government policies, globalization of business and competitive pressures as well as changes in accounting standards.
To provide a forum to share professional expertise among us.
To be the preferred body for advice in matters regarding the Accounting profession in Kuwait.
To provide our members professional and placement opportunities in Kuwait or any other place in the world:
To promote holistic development of members including professional and communication skills, community service and personality development.